Monday, February 2, 2015

The Beauty of Snow

It finally happened, and it least it was the beginning of February before it did.  It really is beautiful, you know.  I mean, God created it, so it must be beautiful, right?  It's just that...well, when people have to DRIVE in it, it becomes less beautiful.

However, let's focus on the beautiful and the fun.  While it was snowing yesterday, and before it got to the blizzard stage, some of the kids and I went out to play in the snow.  We found the big berm in our neighbor's yard and crawled through the bushes and underbrush to the top and then body-slid down the steep incline into the snow at the bottom.  Definitely fun, although I might be a tad sore from my aging body hitting that steep hill.

Yesterday morning we got up and took some photos. I always take the same shots, mainly because it is the only place I can take photos outside and still remain inside.  No matter, it is still beautiful.

I left these unedited because they show you how gray and snowy the day was.  Later on it was much more white; mainly because the winds picked up and you couldn't see much through the blowing snow.  Ms 22 yo had to work the 3 to 11 shift last night but fortunately she works at a hotel so she booked a room and just stayed there.  Good thing, too, because my husband said that this morning there were quite a few cars stuck on the side of our main road.  

This morning proved to be just as beautiful, and much brighter.  

This is a beautiful sight :)  A man and his snowblower, clearing the long driveway for his family!

The roads are slowly improving.  Once you get into town it isn't bad.  It's just that three to five miles before you get there that can be hair-raising.  Well, I guess it's all just part of February in the Midwest, right?  I'm trying to focus on the beauty of it and not fret over all of us having to drive in it!

God Bless!