Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

No, my name is not Joy, it's Laura. Quite frankly, there are many days that "Homeschooling With Joy" doesn't even describe our homeschooling experience. Maybe something like "Homeschooling with Tears" or "Homeschooling with Threats" might be better. Oh well, I've picked this title for my blog for a few reasons. While it may not accurately describe our experience every day, it is what we stive for. I am constantly looking for ways to bring us closer to that goal. Since homeschooling is not just something we do between the hours of 9 and 3, but a way of life, those necessary changes might come in the area of prayer or discipline or organization. Anything that will help our day run more smoothly, make us grow and bring us to that Joy that we all long for.

So, my hopes for this blog are that God can use me as a channel to bring ideas, suggestions and challenges to blog readers everywhere so that we can all experience the joy that, really, can only be found in Him. I also hope that you, the readers, will become active participants in my blog. Share your comments, positive and negative (go ahead, I have the final say on what gets published anyway :), your suggestions, your questions...whatever. Let's talk about homeschooling ideas, unit studies (My brain has begun to work on an e-book about the hows and whys of unit studies. Hopefully my hands will start soon!), schedules, organizational tips, discipline, prayer, discernment, submitting to your husband...I plan on sharing things I've learned about all of those areas and I hope you will share what you've learned so that we can all grow. Even if you don't homeschool, or even if you aren't Catholic, don't be afraid to join in!

I'd like to end this first entry with a quote from "In Conversation with God" that I read this morning. "Coincidentally" it has something to do with joy.

When joy is lacking, may it not be because at that moment we are not really looking for Our Lord in our work, in the people around us, in the vicissitudes of our day. May it not be that we are not yet detached from everything?
God Bless!

P.S. So you might be wondering how you can leave a comment?! At the end of this post you will notice where it says "1 comment". Just click on that and it will bring you to the comment screen. Follow the directions and then send it off. If you see a confirmation message, then you will know that your comment got sent to me to review and then post. I promise to be fair and post all comments, even the negative ones. Just, please, be nice!!


  1. Welcome to the blogshpere, Mother! I look forward to reading your posts!
    Hopefully we will have more days of "joy" than we will "tears". *laughs* Actually, when I first saw the 'Homeschooling with tears', I thought it said "Homeschooling with Texas". ={ (Yes, I do know how to read.)

    Your occaisonally dyslexic daughter who can't spell, either. =)

  2. Wow! What a fantastic looking blog you have started! I can't wait to keep up with you via blogworld (seeing as how we seem to be failing pretty miserably at keeping up any other way! Shame on us!!!) Roger has me a bit into this blog world and I have found some really fascinating blogs that I do go to regularly. I will put yours in my favorites right now!! Congratulations!!

  3. nice blog mommy (my comment nickname is Yaviel)=)

  4. I think that you have a wonderful blog Mother:)

  5. Hey there Laura! I like your template, and the picture at the top of the page. Is that one of yours? Very nice.

    Anyway, welcome to the wild and sometimes crazy world of blogging.

    See you around the internet!


  6. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mrs. Dominick! I'm sure your presence here will be a blessing!

  7. Hi Laura -

    Nice blog site! I'll try to keep up. Thanks for the words about Lent, we're off to a questionable start still not having decided what we are doing as a family. I got smacked in the head twice yesterday by other children one who passed on oreos at my house (and asked me to save them until Sunday when she will be here again) and another that after I got him a McFlurry at McDonalds he remembered Lent and pushed it away apologizing that he couldn't eat it.

    Did you see the Holy Father's suggestion that we fast from words and images bringing silence into a more important place in our lives? Our Parish added extra adoration times which is such a blessing.

    Keep up the writing and I'll check back soon!