Friday, February 29, 2008

Cabin Fever

Well, I do believe that cabin fever is alive and well and dwelling securely in our house. On top of that, it is Lent, when the best of sibling rivalry seems to shine forth. I cannot believe the amount of skirmishes I have had to throw myself into the middle of these last few weeks. Most of the time they have been over very nonsensical things, such as toothpaste or plastic doll house toys or things like that. I cannot wait for the warm sunshine, growing grass and singing birds. The picture here is of my parents who are right now relaxing in 80 degree weather in sunny Arizona. Thought I'd throw that in there just so we can dream about all that green and blue and warmth!

This morning's "In Conversation with God" entry was about Love of God. The author states, "Love for God is necessarily shown in love for others. The way we love God is shown in the way we live charity with those who are beside us in our day-to-day lives." At that point I wondered what that meant for my family??!! Does being cooped up with the same people every day for two months enter into that equation anywhere? No, probably not. Of course, if we are to grow in holiness we need to look at these times of being cooped up as tremendous opportunities to practice virtues. Maybe I'm not the only one feeling this way because just today a friend of mine emailed me these quotes that point us towards the remedy for this dreaded disease called cabin fever.
"If you wish to go to extremes, let it be in sweetness, patience, humility and charity."
St Philip Neri

"The highest degree of meekness consists in seeking, serving, honoring, and treating amiably, on occasion, those who are not to our taste, and who show themselves unfriendly, ungrateful, and troublesome to us."
St Frances de Sales

Don't you just love God's timing? I think I will make a poster out of that last quote and hang it in my kitchen for the rest of winter!!

God Bless!
P.S. I just looked and if you click on the "On a Wing and a Prayer" link and then click on their link for their online store, you can order "In Conversation with God", either as a seven volume set or each volume individually!