Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dessert Mania

Continuing on with my thoughts from yesterday, I've been thinking more about eating. More specifically, I've been thinking about desserts. When DH and I were discussing this whole change in eating thing, naturally the subject of desserts was at the top of the list. I agreed that we don't need to have desserts as often as we do. I know they should be reserved only for special occasions.

The problem with that comes in when we have weeks like we have had lately. In the course of two weeks we will have celebrated two anniversaries, a baptismal feast day, Mother's Day, having a priest over for dinner and two birthdays. Of course all of those events entailed dessert (not to mention a lot of really good food!).

With the number of birthdays and baptismal feast days alone that we celebrate within our family, we have a lot of desserts. That doesn't even count the other feast days and holidays on the Church calendar. We seem to have fallen into the habit of celebrating every major saint's feast day with some kind of sugary dessert. I guess I need to start being more creative about how best to celebrate! I fear that I've forever ingrained in my children's heads the equation celebration=something rich and sugary.

Not being much of a crafty person (quite frankly, crafts rank high on my list of ways to effectively punish me in purgatory!), I'm at a loss as to how to easily, quickly and inexpensively celebrate the many feasts that so richly make up our Catholic Faith. Do we pull out the good china? Do we reserve certain meals for those days? I don't know yet. Of course, I haven't asked my kids for their ideas on the matter, so I suppose that would be a good place to start. I'm sure they'll have all kinds of good ideas that don't involve sugar, chocolate, glue or scissors!

Oh well, I must go now, I hear the oven beeping on the two "County Fair Pies" we have baking in the oven :)


  1. LOL, I love the pies in the oven!
    My kids are used to having something sweet EVERY NIGHT after dinner. It is actually my husbands addiction. We gave them up...sort of...for lent & 40 days for life this is very hard! I have been off sweets since October...but I let myself go as of Easter and am paying the price...Decided to give it all up again for the novena -starting today- for the closing of Tiller's Clinic.
    It is impossible for me to have the "will power" on my own, but when I give things up for the Lord...He is very good to me!

    PS. Say a prayer or two as I started spotting last night (at 11 weeks) hoping it is nothing, but praying hard!

  2. Elizabeth - I will keep you in my prayers. I hope that everything is okay.
    God Bless.