Friday, May 8, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 22

Here it is again, 7 Quick Takes Friday courtesy of Conversion Diary!


Sometimes, I have to admit, Friday comes around a little too fast. I have good ideas for these quick takes, but if I don't write them down, I never remember them. Of course, you might be wondering why I don't just skip a week if I can't remember what I was going to say? Well, unfortunately my anal personality would find it VERY difficult to skip a week! Oh well, a quick prayer to the Holy Spirit to see what I can come up with...


Remember the lady from the US Census office that showed up at my front door with her little hand held computer? Well, it turns out that people just like her will be appearing at EVERY door in America before the end of July 2009. It seems that that nifty little thing in her hand was actually a GPS and every door in America will be GPS marked. Read this article if you want more details! It is quite interesting.


If you live in the country, you know that when you say neighbor it could conceivably mean anyone within a two mile radius. Well, the other day we had a "neighbor" whose barn caught on fire. From the size of the fire you would have thought it was the whole house. Fortunately for them, the house was not damaged. Mr. 4 yo was very intrigued by this occurrence. He informed us that our other "neighbor's" cows had told him earlier that the barn was going to catch on fire today! He then proceeded to come up with various theories as to how it caught on fire. Quite an imagination the little one has!


No Emily update this week. The end of this week marks the half way point. Emily really is incredible. She is midway through her chemo and radiation and she sent her mother along with her father on his business trip! Hopefully they are having some much needed relaxation and not TOO much worry! I'll let you know next week how she is doing.


Recently my Mom and Dad celebrated their 45th Anniversary. We were back at their house when my Dad brought out my mom's wedding dress. Unlike modern brides, hers was rolled into a ball and put in a black plastic bag.
The girls were very excited to try it on. Unfortunately, my mom weighed all of about 95 pounds when she got married so only Ms. 13 yo fit in the dress. Not too bad after 45 years of sitting in a plastic bag (the dress that is :)

I, on the other hand, had my dress professionally preserved. The girls were originally thinking they'd like to wait until our 25th Anniversary to open it up and try it on (assuming that it is really inside that box that has been sitting around all these years :) but after trying on Grandma's, they aren't sure they want to wait that long. Fortunately for them, I weighed more than 95 pounds.


We also celebrated an Anniversary this month. Isn't this a nice table decoration?

Notice the card on your right. It has three additional circles. How very touching of them to do that! They also made us two heart-shaped pineapple upside down cakes (because one is just NOT enough!).

DH and I even got to go out for lunch together! Very nice day all the way around. Thanks, kids!


All this reminiscing recently about weddings got us to talking about weddings that might take place in the future. While discussing possible future wedding parties , Ms. 17 yo realized that many of the friends she named off are considering religious vocations. We realized then that she had two options: 1. Get married soon, before they all enter convents or 2. Have the various habits be her bridesmaid's gown theme. Anyone not in a convent could pick a complimentary colored dress. Now that would be interesting!

Have a great weekend and


  1. GREAT post, Laura! Happy Anniversary! Your mom's dress looks beautiful! God bless, Dolores H

  2. Happy belated Anniversary Laura and Tim!

    You think Fridays come around too quick, how about the fact that this is volume 22! It doesn't seem like there have been 22, but as I get older I have accepted the fact that my time is accelerating. :)

    Have a Blessed weekend!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your parents. My dress is hanging in my closet...I ALMOST got back into it two months ago...unfortunately, I might never...the "chest agea is a little too snug after years of nursing...of course, my DH doesn't mind :)
    Your mother's dress is beautiful!!!
    I like her preservation method!