Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeschool Project Fair

This past weekend we had our annual homeschool project fair. Each year we all meet together and the kids get a chance to do projects in a number of different categories. Usually we offer: Science, History, Art, Craft, Sewing, Public Speaking and Creative Writing.
Each child can enter as many categories as he/she wants and the kids can be from age 2 or 3 up through high school. The nice thing is that the projects they submit can be from any point during the school year, so if you think ahead, you can incorporate a project or two once in awhile into a subject you are studying and then remember to enter it when the fair comes around. Despite knowing this every year we still end up doing many of our projects the week before :)

The public speaking category continues to grow each year.
My usual stipulation is that no matter what else they enter, every one of my children must do public speaking. Unfortunately this year I forgot that stipulation and allowed one of my girls to take a pass. Oh well, she'll have to make it up somehow.

Along with the sewing category, we also have a fashion review where the students can model the item that they made. Here are two of my daughters. The older one made the skirt for the younger one.

We usually add a bake sale, a pot luck dinner and a raffle to our day. This year, since it was in May, we added a May crowning.

Even though it is a lot of work to get all the projects done and out the door, the day is a lot of fun and the kids enjoy the chance to talk to the judges about all of the hard work they've done.


  1. Love your writing (and photos!), Laura! Thank you! Dolores H

  2. What a great idea! It is important for kids to both explore science topics that they are interested in via science fair projects, and to talk with other students their own age. Homeschool conventions and events are critically important to keeping parents and students connected when they homeschool.