Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Three Littlest Angels

You might remember the book I've been talking about called Get Us Out of Here!!" - Maria Simma Speaks with Nicky Eltz. At one point Maria talks about pre-born babies that die either through miscarriage, being stillborn or abortion. She talks about how important it is for these babies to be named so that they can be "entered" into the Book of Life. She suggests even having a Requiem Mass said for them.

I have known many people who have had miscarriages, usually early on, who have done these things. They've named their babies and some have even had a Mass said for them. I have had two miscarriages for sure and one I'm pretty sure about (they were all very early on), but having never been catechized in any of this, we did nothing about it. Of course we were very upset at the time, but after awhile my husband and I didn't think very often about the babies we had lost.

Now, fast forward a few years. We have seven children, but for the last number of years we've always felt like we were missing someone. For example, it would be dinner time and either my husband or I would ask, "Is everyone here? Are you sure? It doesn't seem like there are enough kids here." I can't tell you how many times we've been through this! After reading this section in the book, I began to wonder whether it was because we had never named our babies. Were they trying to make their presence known, begging us to give them a name and a place in the family? We talked about this one night when Ms 17 yo happened to be in the room. "Oh," she said, "I named two of those babies already." Seems a friend had told her about this some time ago, so she took it upon herself to give two of her siblings names.

The first baby, who would have been older than her, she named Joshua. The second baby, which came between Ms 13 yo and Ms 10 yo, she named Melanie. My husband and I pondered all of this for a day or two and I brought it up to him again. We both agreed that they should have middle names and that there should be a name for the third one we both are pretty sure we lost. So, after some discussion, we officially named our other three children: Joshua Michael, Melanie Ann and Caleb Andrew.

I have to say that since we did that I have actually bonded with these three children. I feel connected to them and feel much peace knowing that we have three intercessors in Heaven for us. I am excited for their siblings; that there are three more for them to get to "know". And since then, we have not had the feeling that anyone has been missing! God is so good, isn't He?


  1. Laura...what a wonderful post! As you know, I just lost a baby last year. We named the baby right away and there is a Church in NY called the Holy Innocents where you can send the baby's name to them online to be entered into a Book of Life and they will even send you a certificate. I converse with *Gabriel* often and I know he was especially taken to Heaven to intercede for my oldest son who is 19 and struggling with some issues. BTW, my second son's name is Joshua Michael!

  2. Laura, What a beautiful post and what a loving husband! Dolores H

  3. I have also named my lost children...and have contacted Holy Innocents in NYC. There is a relationship there with my living children as well that is a real blessing. Our girls in Heaven are Margaret Mary and Mary Frances...My girls actually sign their names in the proper birth order whan making Communion cards and the like for family friends!
    They are now working on names for the baby we expect in Nov. It is challenging to have to share the process with them!

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth and Theresa, for that info on the Holy Innocents Church in NYC. I will definitely do some checking on that.