Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 27


Hee Hee. An alert reader noticed in the picture below of my two daughters that one of them was doing a balancing act with the Blessed Mother. Funny thing is is that I didn't notice that until they pointed it out. Maybe the Blessed Mother is levitating over her head to make sure we knew she was with us on that special day :) Oh well, it is much better than a potted plant sitting on top of her head (which I have been known to do before).


Well, this weekend I get the chance to receive one of my Mother's Day presents. DH is taking all of the kids on an overnight campout! So, you may be wondering, what will I do with my nearly 24 hours to myself? I was thinking I would start by grilling a steak for dinner and pouring myself a glass of wine. After dinner, I thought I might put on a good movie and put my feet up for awhile. On Saturday I was thinking of getting up late and then making myself a nice breakfast of pancakes and then enjoying the sunshine for the rest of the day while reading a good book.


Okay, here's what's wrong with the above scenario. First, its Friday, so I won't eat meat. I can't drink wine because it makes my nose itch like crazy. If I sat down to watch a movie I would probably fall asleep because Friday is our early morning formation group. As for Saturday, I can't sleep late even when I want to and I can't make pancakes because the family is bringing all the stuff with for their breakfast! Maybe it will be sunny, but I won't know because I plan on being in the basement the whole time wrapping up the school year. You know how it is: there's papers to sort through and file, grades to calculate and high school transcripts to write up before I forget what was done. That will be my reality and I plan on enjoying every minute of it (although #2 did sound nice, didn't it??)


If I do chill out for awhile, I might put on some good country music. This happens to be my current favorite. I think it would make a great 25th Anniversary song, don't you??


We just finished watching a movie that came highly recommended from a few of my Irish friends and even my mother who isn't Irish! We just watched "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Not quite sure what we missed, but we must have missed something. Please help me to understand oh dear Irish friends....... :)


I got the most recent newsletter from the Carmelite Monks from the sidebar (you know, the coffee monks). In it they talk about how they get up every night at midnight to pray. Here is their explanation as to why they do it:

"The monk wakes at midnight to love a God that is forgotten by men. He rises from his sleep to entrust to the Lord's Sacred Heart the prayers of His church and the intentions of others. In the darkness of night, he rushes to the chapel to find his God and to bring each of you and the troubles of our world to the depths of His Loving Mercy. In the darkness of the night, the Carmelite monk whispers to Jesus and Mary between the verses of the psalmody, "I love you". This is the secret of the monk and the cause of his joy."

How come I don't feel that way when I wake up in the middle of the night??


Thought I'd leave you with this great quote that I found via this post from Totus Tuus. Have a great weekend!

“Today more than ever, our nation is in need of Catholics who know their faith deeply and express their faith, with integrity, by their daily living.” Archbishop Raymond Burke


  1. #2 DID sound good...but I understand #3 as well...and the satisfaction of finishing.

    Quiet Man is a good movie & funny...but it does belong to a different era and place...grabbing the gal by her hair isn't done much anymore. My kids enjoy it...espacially the fight scene...because he is willing to fight FOR his woman!

    I have to say that when I used to do a middle of the night Holy Hour,
    I did have a certain joy that went with it...I only stopped because I got pregnant, and just COULDN'T do it anymore! There is something to be said of the sacrifice of a little sleep...Jesus definitely rewareds is harder to think of it that way when it is babies and toddlers waking you up!

    Have a great weekend!
    Pax Christi, E

  2. did sound like a good plan in #2 but I would end up doing the same thing you are doing. I hope you got to enjoy some time to yourself.

    I got that newsletter from the monks too. Doesn't that just blow your mind? I am a bear enough in the morning with all the interrupted sleep I get now. I do get called into work sometimes in the middle of the night but unfortunately prayer doesn't come to mind while I am awake!