Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sacred Heart of Jesus Part V

Today I would like to share with you a prayer written by the late Bishop Roger Kaffer. He loved to write prayers and poetry and this is one that he wrote to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Bishop Kaffer prayed this prayer every day after he received Holy Communion. He even had it printed on little cards and handed out thousands of them.

As another part in my series on the Sacred Heart, here is the "Prayer of the Sacred Heart" written at Calvary, Jerusalem on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, June 29, 1984.

The Prayer of the Sacred Heart
by Bishop Roger Kaffer

O my Jesus, I love You! I love You! I love You! Most Sacred Heart, Most Sacred Love of my lover, My Savior, My God and my all! How can you love me? So unworthy, so fragile, so fickle! Yet You do and I know it and I cannot tell You how deeply, how immensely and how intensely and completely I wish to return Your love for me - by living, dying and bringing honor and glory to You by helping in a priestly and selfless way to spread Your kingdom. O Christ My King! All that I am, have and do I give to You! No strings! No conditions! Just total, confident love. There is nothing, Lord Jesus, nothing at all that You cannot have - nothing at all that I will not give - or give up - if You want me to. I know this is easier to say than to do. I know that I am a coward and a sinner and a weakling. But my confidence and love for You is such that I know whatever You ask, You will more than give the strength to give You - not fearfully, reluctantly, begrudgingly - but cheerfully and gladly. Your Will! Let me do Your Will my Jesus! Completely, totally, unreservedly - with no strings attached! I love You! I love You! I love You! I wish to be completely and totally Yours. Come Lord Jesus! Come into my heart, come into my soul, come into my body and take me, possess me, transform me, only keep me always close to You - then dispose of me as You will! Amen.