Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 28


Wow, today is a day full of important things. First - May you have a Blessed Feast of the Sacred Heart! Next - today begins the Year of the Priest. I think this is going to prove to be very important. Third - Ms. 5 yo officially becomes Ms. 6 yo today. Lots to celebrate - I think it calls for double dessert!


My daughters got this new book for their Confirmation from friends of ours called "The Confirmed Catholic's Companion". In it they had a humorous saint quiz. I thought I'd put the questions here and then the answers in #7. See how well you do.

Guess the following patron saints (just for fun):
a. Patron saint of shoppers
b. Patron saint of boaters
c. Patron saint of candy makers
d. Patron saint of mortgage payers
e. Patron saint of lawyers
f. Patron saint of necklace makers
g. Patron saint of weight watchers
h. Patron saint of travel agents
i. Patron saint of pool players
j. Patron saint of sweater wearers


So today starts the Year of the Priest and what a great time to show support for all of those good and holy priests we know. We thought it might be nice to devote each of the 12 months to 12 different priests and offer them our prayers, rosaries and masses. It might also be nice to send them a note to thank them for all they do for us. Also, if you're looking for prayers to say, I've found some here, here and here.


The other day my husband took Mr. 4 yo out for his birthday dinner with dad. Mr. 4 yo was shoveling his pancakes into his mouth, all the while trying to carry on a conversation with my husband. Being the good father he is, he told him that he shouldn't talk with his mouth full. Being the wise 4 yo he is, my son replied, "It's okay, dad, I have my food on this side of my mouth (left side) and I'm talking out of this side of my mouth (right side)." They're so logical, aren't they?


I just received word that the Rockford Diocese is in the planning stages of a Catholic college called St. Athanasius College. I plan on sending for the prospectus, but a friend already saw it and said it sounds promising. How exciting!

Emily update - We heard from Emily's mother this week with an update on her recuperation. She is slowly recovering from her massive chemo and radiation. She is gaining weight and ever so slowly the burns on her face and neck as well as the sores on her tongue are healing. She was even able to walk the first lap for cancer survivors at a local relay for life! Let's pray that she is on her way to a complete recovery.


Okay, here are the answers. Hope you did better than I did!

a. St. Francis de Sales
b. Joan of Arc
c. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
d. St. Bernadette
e. Our Lady of Good Counsel
f. St. Bede
g. St. Josephat
h. St. Martin of Tours
i. St. Julie Billiart
j. St. Casimir


  1. Great post glad to hear Emily is beginning the road to healing. I also love your suggestions in praying for priests in #4.

  2. Hi Laura! Love those stories about your 4 yr old! Love them! Dolores H

  3. Gives a whole new meaning to "talking from the side of your mouth" doesn't it? :) Cute.

  4. Though you should note that those aren't the REAL patrons of the questions, it's supposed to be a play on words. Just in case anyone was confused. ;)

  5. Four year old reasoning is little guy insists on getting up at 7am to help Dad test the pool water!
    He woke me up crying 'cause daddy tested without him!

  6. What a big day in your home! We felt so blessed today by the sacred heart as well! My husband works at the Apostleship of Prayer who has devotion to the Sacred Heart. They begin the work day with Mass and even though this was such a big one for the organization, they took time out to do anointing of the sick for my husband! So, I share your day of blessings by the Sacred Heart! Thanks for sharing! Come check me out as I am pleding for prayers for my family on my blog!

  7. +JMJ+

    That cute story about Mr. 4 reminds me of the time I tried to explain to a friend that a mutual acquaintance doesn't chew with her mouth open, but actually talks with her mouth full! =P Well, there is a difference!

    Sadly, I didn't get any of the patron saints right on the quiz! =( I guessed St. Peter for boaters ("barque of Peter," etc.); St. Joseph for mortgage payers (because if he can help you buy a house, then he can help you pay off your mortgage!); St. Thomas More for lawyers (I think he does count); and St. Joseph of Cupertino for travel agents (because he could "fly," you know?).

    Sigh! There goes all my credibility as a Catholic Geek!

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog tonight.....I love finding new blogs...Had a little time to blog hop tonight while waiting to go to the hospital and welcome a new grandson tomorrow. This month I am posting about our Disney trip, plus a great giveaway.