Friday, July 23, 2010

Beginning Algebra are the answers from the last post on decimals and percents:

Each family member would get 11.6 lbs of meat.

$156.18 per person


The next book in the Life of Fred series is the Beginning Algebra book. Along with this book I recommend purchasing the Home Companion book, as it breaks down the main book into 108 daily lesson plans.

This book has 12 chapters, broken down into 108 daily lessons, and covers all the basics of beginning Algebra such as: equations, motion, problems with two unknowns, exponents, factoring, fractions and everyone's all time favorites - quadratic equations and functions and slope!

This book gives you an incredibly thorough overview of beginning algebra - and the author makes it interesting and relevant to every day life. I remember finally understanding the "why" of algebra after reading this book and going through it with my oldest daughter.

I'll take some sample problems from my favorite chapter; the factoring chapter. Have fun!!

Factor x2+10x+21

Factor x3+18x2+40x

Solve the quadratic equation x2+11x+24=0

I think I'll give you the weekend to work on these. Have a great weekend!