Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The halfway point!

Summer is half over...the month of August looms heavily in the air...thoughts of the new school year should be bouncing around in my head, but yet they are not...there is no room for them to bounce around, or even find an entry, as there are too many other projects and ideas still bouncing around in there!

All the chicks are back in the nest for this week...girls home from another great summer camp hosted by the wonderful ladies of Miles Jesu...I always know it's been fun when we pick them up at the end of the week and they are all sobbing!

This week we are being plagued by summer fun for anyone...hopefully they will depart soon!

Next week begins yet another event for two of the camp in the morning...ballet camp in the afternoon. Oh well, at least it is summertime!

In the meantime, my brain is being occupied with thoughts of my next unit study (St. Ignatius), getting my organizational workshop into book format, and a new website for my soap! Think I can finish all that before the end of August???

Of course, it is summertime, so we can't forget to have some summertime fun...swimming, visiting, play dates, the zoo (only if it isn't too hot:), baseball and relaxing! Hope your summer is going well!