Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are almost there! Today's review is on the Life of Fred Geometry book. But first, here are the answers from Advanced Algebra:

f(3)=2(3) + 7 = 13

(x - 5)2 + (y - 88)2 = 144

In the introduction to Geometry, the author states,

"In the usual sequence of the study of mathematics...there is one course that is different from all the rest. In five out of the six courses, the emphasis is on calculating, manipulating and computing answers...In contrast, in geometry there are proofs to be created. It is much more like solving puzzles than grinding out numerical answers...Things in geometry are much more creative than in the other five courses."

I really liked Geometry when I took it in high school, however I will admit that 25+ years later I didn't really remember that much. Thus, we had to pull in outside resources to help my daughter get through this class!

The Life of Fred Geometry book has 13 full chapters and 6 - 1/2 chapters. The full chapters cover things like points, lines, angles, quadrilaterals, area, triangles, solid geometry and coordinate geometry to name some of them. The 1/2 chapters explore other areas of Geometry and can be skipped if the student wants to stick to "just the basics".

Here are two simple problems from the chapter on Quadrilaterals:

Can a trapezoid ever have a right angle?

Can an isosceles trapezoid ever have a right angle?