Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decimals and Percents

Here are the answers from yesterday:


"There is no way to undo that function. Washing that pizza or putting it in the freezer won't take the burned mess and turn it back into an unbaked pizza"

"The opposite function is not "Divide by six and then subtract twenty-four". Instead the inverse function is subtract twenty-four and divide by six."

"There are several different answers that would be correct. Many readers will say that the inverse to "multiply by one" is "divide by one". This works. But another correct answer is "multiply by one". Take the number 955 and multiply by 1 to get 955. A third possible correct answer is "Do nothing". Take the number 345 and do nothing and you still have 345."

Okay, how did you do? Were these problems a breeze or did they require some thought?

The next book in the series is Decimals and Percents. Some people do both the Fractions and Decimals and Percents book in the same year, others divide it up over two years; it all depends on the student and how much they want to tackle in a day.

The Decimals and Percents book has 33 chapters and covers all the necessary skills you need to learn about decimals and percents as well as sets, bar graphs, area, pie charts, ratios, graphing and probability to name a few.

In this book, the author also includes little tidbits on Isaac Newton, verb usage, alliteration and history.

Chapter 11 is about dividing a decimal by a whole number. Here are some sample problems from that chapter. Good luck. The answers will be in the next post!

What if you had a family of 32 to share the Half Cow Special (which is 371.2 lbs of meat!). How much meat would each receive?

There is a Junior Half Cow Special that is not listed on the menu. It is designed for a family of seven. The Junior Half Cow Special is priced at $1,093.26. How much would that be for each person?

Round 777.077 to the nearest whole number.