Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introducing Our First Unit Study Offering!

This past week I've been busily preparing my website for the new release of our first Catholic Unit Study. I'm proud to announce that it is all up and ready to go.

When we first began doing more unit studies and less workbooks, I noticed that there was a lack of unit study material that was Catholic based. For that reason, I never really purchased that many unit studies, instead we just made up our own and made sure to include some Catholicism in it. For example, our archery unit study included a section on St. Sebastian.

Since then it has been my desire to produce authentically Catholic unit studies. When my girls had to do a major work for a club they are in, we decided a unit study would be a great thing to do.

So I introduce to you the fruits of their labor: "John Paul II, A Unit Study on the Greatest Pope of the 20th Century".

This study covers the life of JPII from his early years through his papacy and includes activities in subjects like reading, comprehension, history, fine arts, sports, art, music and religion.

There are book recommendations, field trip ideas, movies and family fun activities, as well as ideas for a JPII unit study wrap-up party.

We tried to write this so that a variety of ages could be included in this study. Many of the activities will be best appreciated by students in grades 3 - 12, but the younger ones will enjoy the read aloud and other activities as well.

I don't think you'll be disappointed! We've offered this in three formats: Download it right away, receive a CD in the mail, or we can mail you the hard copy version.

For general information about Catholic Unit Studies and to give me your own ideas and experiences with unit studies, you can go here.

To purchase your copy of this unit study on JPII, you can go directly to this page.

I hope you take a few moments to check it out and consider using it as part of your curriculum for the coming year (or as a great summer time activity!).