Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Blizzard Edition


Well, we survived Blizzard 2011.  It wasn't as bad by us, as far as total inches go, as it was farther north of here.  I think we were somewhere around the 11 - 12 inch mark, although we had some drifts that were 3 ft. high.  It was an interesting two days, to be sure.

Tuesday was spent in preparations.  We ran around town Tuesday morning doing our final errands - you know, important things that one should do before a blizzard hits, like...go to the chiropractor!  Okay, so we did go to the grocery store, too, which was very crowded.  I found it interesting that the pop section was more empty than the water section!


Once we got home we hunkered down.   Water and food...check, firewood...check, books to read...check, internet connection still working...check (to keep up with the radar screen and storm totals, of course :)  We all just sat there looking out the window, waiting.  It seemed kind of silly, but you just couldn't help yourself.  Finally, right on schedule, it started to blow.  Within an hour, it started to snow.  The blizzard had arrived and boy we were not disappointed.


An observation...50 mile an hour winds during the day are completely different than 50 mile an hour winds in the dark of night.  There is something much more ominous about them when it is night time.  Can't describe it, but I'm sure some of you, at least, know what I mean.


We live on a well-traveled road.  It was very eerie not to have any traffic, not one car or one truck, travel past our house for about 16 hours.  Were it not for the howling wind, the lack of road noise would have been very peaceful.


I had this urge to keep the outside light on all night; just in case some wandering, disoriented person should be looking for a refuge in the midst of the storm.  My kids kept pointing out that you couldn't even tell the light was on because the wind was blowing the snow so hard.  Never mind, if God wanted someone to see that light, He would have worked it out; we just needed to keep it on.  Well, either He didn't need anyone to see it or it really was impossible to see from the road :)


By mid-morning of the next day the sun was shining and we were all out enjoying the snow.  It was really nice to just be together and enjoy God's beautiful creation knowing you couldn't GO anywhere even if you wanted to.  It made the day so very relaxing.  From what I heard from others, a lot of people were enjoying the "forced" day off.  Hopefully you were home safe with your family, too!

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  1. Could you even see the road to tell if there were cars? And yes, 50MPH winds are darn freaky in the middle of the night, as is hearing thunder during a blizzard. But we all survived, so it's now a great story to tell the grandkids. :)