Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Empty Pew Syndrome

Today before Mass began I was thinking back to when we would be at church and wonder why we were there:  the pew would be full of fussing, moving, sometimes downright obnoxious little ones and I would leave trying to remember if I had even heard any of it.

Well, all those little ones are growing up now.  Today we had the empty pew syndrome.  Ms 18 yo is at school, Ms 15 yo was singing with the choir, Mr 10 yo was serving and somehow my husband became a last minute usher.  That left me and four of the children. It feels kind of weird when the number in your pew starts to shrink.  It's also kind of funny, too, because a lot of times no one will sit with us because they are expecting the rest of the pew to be filled up.

So I was thinking that maybe the empty pew syndrome is a preparation for the empty nest syndrome. God gives us these little moments so that when the big ones happen, we are a bit more prepared to deal with them!


  1. I think I'll be dead before I ever have to experience and empty nest.

  2. Okay, so that is what I was kind of thinking, too, but you never know...there might still be some life left in us after the #7 leaves home (assuming that the previous six are also gone, too, which I know is a HUGE assumption :)