Sunday, February 13, 2011

Being Ourselves

Our pastor came over for dinner last night.  He is a very nice man with a good sense of humor.  Which is good.  Let's just say we didn't put on airs with him during dinner.  He pretty much got to see us as we are:

~ We discussed why women pluck their eyebrows and we even tried to answer the age-old question "What purpose do eyebrows serve, anyhow?" 

~ One of my sons repeatedly threatened to shoot a candle in half, to which the pastor kept asking, "What did that candle do to you?"

~ When asked to pass a roll to her father, one daughter, without thinking, launched it from her end of the table to his (and we have a long table, too).

So you see, it is good to let your parish priest see your family the way they really are!  He got a kick out of it, and I told him we were all good as long as none of it ended up in a homily one Sunday!