Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Feb 11th

I'd like to introduce you to a new blog I started yesterday.  The idea is that it  will consist of quick posts and information for people who are interested in an excellent nutritional supplement called Reliv.  Blogging is relaxing for me, so I thought, why not?  A few minutes here and there to keep people up to date about the awesome things we are seeing from these great products.  Come follow along!
Ms 7 yo makes her first confession tomorrow morning.  Please say a prayer for her that all goes well.  I know she is a bit nervous!


Ms 18 yo comes home this weekend and we are all so excited.  I'm amazed that she hasn't been home in well over a month!  We have a busy weekend ahead of us, lots of entertaining, so it will be good to have her here!


For anyone in the area, tonight is the Miles Christi Evening of Recollection.  We've missed the last three months (sickness and other events) and we are looking forward to 3 hours of peace and tranquility.  Mass, confession, adoration and wonderful, uplifting spiritual talks.


The Little Flower's Dance and Theatre Troupe begins practice today for their upcoming performance (in June :) of an adaptation of "The King of the Golden City".  I love that book.  It is a great book to read when one is preparing for their First Holy Communion.  Unfortunately, it can also be hard to find.   If you know someone with a copy, I'd recommend borrowing it and reading it out loud with the family!


I am so ready for sunshine and warmth.  My parents are RVing in the southwest and I would love to jump on a plane and soak up the sun but for two problems:  1.  The airfare is outrageous and 2. The weather isn't that great out there anyhow.  They've been there two weeks and it has been cold and windy.  My dad said that one night it got down into the 20s. So instead I bought myself some fresh flowers for the entryway, some bright colored wash clothes and a nice yellow rug for one of the bathrooms.  Much cheaper but not as fun!

Our Valentine's Day celebration will consist of some yummy grilled ribeye steaks and a nice flourless chocolate cake to be eaten with our wonderful parish priest.  Hope you have a blessed St. Valentine's Day, too!

God Bless!