Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Thoughts about School

Yesterday's project of washing all the windows didn't take as long as I had expected so I found myself with an afternoon that didn't have a project assigned to it!  I looked around at what would be the best use of my time and as my gaze was scanning past my computer screen I saw it...that huge mountain of schoolwork from this past school year.


"It needs to be done", I told myself, so why wait?  I worked hard the rest of the day and was able to complete the daunting task of organizing everyone's work, calculating necessary grades and updating transcripts.

While in the process of doing that, I found myself thinking about the next school year.  Every summer that seems to happen.  I am so glad to be done and on break when I find my mind wandering to next year, what we can do and the exciting topics we might cover.  I pick up those catalogs and start daydreaming about what I might buy.

But summer just started...the months I have longed for since about February...why oh why is my brain venturing down this path already??  Alas, I will indulge my brain and daydream on and off over the next busy month about what our next school year will look like and hope that by the time it does start I will still be excited about it :)

Have a good second day of summer...whatever that means for you and your family!


  1. This happens to me, too. Although I'm not usually so quick to finish grades and transcripts.

    I am astonished that every year there are new things that I'd like to try for the next school year. There are so many excellent offerings that are available now that were not available twenty and thirty years ago.

    I love receiving my homeschool catalogs about the same way that I like receiving seed catalogs. I guess it is a similar hope for great harvests that is so inviting.

    Be sure to take a "real" break. And have a happy summer!

  2. Thanks, Mary, I'm glad I'm not alone! I'm thinking that by early August I might get that "real" but short lived break :)