Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank God for Faith

Quite a few years ago I began praying for all of our deceased friends and family.  I begin by saying, "Remember, Lord, those who have died and gone before us marked with the sign of faith, especially those for whom we now pray."  I then begin to list off the names.  Over the years the list has gotten quite lengthy, but it hit me today that I've added FIVE new names to that list in the last THREE WEEKS.  

I've had runs before where I've added two or three in a short period of time, but never anything like this.  All of these deaths were sudden and those are the kind that hit you hard.

Two of them in particular have been difficult because they were of relatively young mothers who left behind children who need them.  I started thinking about my visit with my great aunt last week, who is 92 years old.  All that poor woman wants to do is go home to be with the Lord and her son who died about eight months ago.  She misses him so much that she really can't wait to be with him again.  Funny thing is, she could conceivably live a couple of more years, as longevity runs in her family.

I know God has his reasons for what He allows to happen, but to the human mind, this just does not make sense.  Mothers who should be here still and are not and a mother who has lived a long, full life who wants to go and hasn't.  Each family suffers in their own way and for reasons which God understands but which we do not.  

I am so thankful that I have faith, because without faith, this would all be even more difficult to understand.  I'm also glad that, as a Catholic, my faith teaches me that I can have an active part in all of this through my prayers. I end my list of names by praying, "May these and all who sleep in Christ, find in Your presence, light, happiness and peace through Christ our Lord, Amen."