Monday, October 1, 2012

The National Shrine of St. Therese

 We are so blessed to live within driving distance of the National Shrine of St. Therese which is run by a local order of Carmelites.  We went there today on a field trip to partake in the festivities they were offering.  It is such a beautiful place to be, and today was no exception.  The place was packed, which, as Father pointed out, is so wonderful considering St. Therese was a young girl locked in a cloister that no one even really knew.  To see the devotion to her today is truly a work of Heaven!

As you can imagine, roses abound.  Every where we went there were roses of all colors.  In fact, Father said the vigil Mass was so crowded that they ran out of roses and had to raid all of the grocery stores in and around the area in order to have enough for this afternoon.  They then ran out again and still have a Mass this evening!

I will let the pictures say the rest (with a little commentary from me :)

The following pictures are of vestments made by the Vatican that contain pieces of the bridal gown that St. Therese wore when she entered Carmel.  These were truly stunning!

 A new exhibit they added was a replica of St. Therese's cell.  Many of the items, like the outer door and some tile came directly from her cell...these are the items she touched and walked on every day!

This was St. Therese's missal when she made her First Holy Communion.

The shoes she wore when she entered Carmel:

The following photos are of some of the many relics that are at the Shrine.  Some we could venerate and some, like the one directly below, we could not.

How blessed we all are to have a Saint like St. Therese.  

St. Therese, pray for us!

God Bless!


  1. awesome Laura! Is that located in Buffalo, NY?

  2. Theresa, this shrine is in Darien, IL