Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes September 13 2013

I know it is so cliche, but I really cannot believe it is Friday already.  Must have been a busy week that it went by so quickly.  School went well and we're successfully integrating all of our subjects into our day.  The IEW program is a lot of fun and I'm kicking myself for never figuring it out before.  I told the older girls they should go back and do it, but, well, you know how that went over.  God gave me 7 kids so that maybe, just maybe, I could get it almost right by the 7th one.

Ms 19 yo is taking a photography course at the Junior College and I get to live vicariously through her (read:  she paid for the course, I'm just reading her book!).  Anyhow, I've been reading the book and experimenting with some things.  You really are never too old to learn, are you?  Even though I knew some of this intuitively, it is always good to know the why and the how behind it. Besides, it's always fun and relaxing to just shoot away, isn't it?
The boys became part of my practice the other day.  Here they are "fencing".  I love their individual styles as it is so typical of how they approach so many things in life.  Mr 8 yo - eyes closed and forging ahead!

 Mr 13 yo - intense.

 I had to laugh at this one, as it is also very typical of Mr 8 yo; always trying to talk his way into and out of everything.  Here he was trying to reason with his brother about why he was right.  Unfortunately for him, it rarely works.

Random photos.


Here's a cool link for all you chemistry fans.  We are learning about the periodic table and I came across this video.  Beware:  It sticks in your brain!

Gloriously cool weather this weekend.  A soccer game, a dinner, and about three different directions to travel on Sunday.  Ugh.  Oh well, I'm trying hard to roll with it.  Have a safe and blessed weekend.
God Bless!
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