Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Life

What a day!  We all managed to get up remotely on time and actually made it to Mass this morning before it began.  Accomplishment #1 for the day.  Today was promising to be a bit warmer than it has been, so we all dressed the part, only to leave Mass and find out it had rained and really wasn't all that warm out.  Typical Chicago.

We came home and began our school work; that is until I had to stop and write up a transcript for Ms 19 yo so she could drop it off at the junior college; that is after she and three of her sisters ran to Wal Mart to pick up a gift that one of them needs for a party - then they were off to the jr college to check out club and activity day.  As a side note, they told me that it was set up by someone who was smart:  one of the main groups on campus was giving away free hot dogs, but if you wanted any condiments or anything to go with it, you had to stop at the other tables to get them.  Very clever.

Anyhow, with them gone and my work done there, I could get back to the task at hand - the three other kids and their writing and math.  That is, until there was a knock on the door and three families stopped by to pick some apples and pears from our super-abundant crop.  I finally got the right kids back in the house and the other kids back outside so we could finish.

A bit of chatting with the ladies and eating some organic, home-grown apples (who am I kidding, we didn't do a thing to merit the abundance we have, but it sounds good, doesn't it?), then it was a rush into the house to eat lunch, get in the car, pick up two neighbor girls, run to the college to get Ms 17 yo and then off to dance and theater classes.

While they were busy dancing and acting, I ran to JCP to use my $15 off birthday coupon.  Can you believe I had the hardest time finding anything that I liked?  I walked around that store for 1 1/2 hours and my mind was a mess trying to figure out what would look good with this sweater or that top, a task I find incredibly difficult.  Of course, I had to get something or else my coupon would go to waste, so I finally found an orange sweater and a denim shirt.  Orange must be the hot color for the fall!

Back to pick up the girls, fight the rain and traffic, arrive home in time to say good bye to two of the girls who were going out for the evening, eat dinner, pray the rosary, check facebook, answer emails, sort through two bags of clothes that were given to us (yeah!!), write this blog post and then go to bed.  Phew.

Oh, and just to thank you for reading this far, here's a cool site a friend emailed me all about cuneiform and how to write the letters of the alphabet.  Very cool; especially if you're learning about it in Classically Catholic Memory!

God Bless!