Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Long Labor Day at the Lake

We were fortunate enough to spend a few days at a family lake house in Michigan.  After the pouring rain during the drive over there, the weather cooperated wonderfully.  We spent our time eating, swimming, tubing, reading and conversing.  

It was a milestone experience for the two youngest of our crew, too, because they both got to go tubing for the first time.  Not strong swimmers, I was glad they overcame their fears and hopped on board with some of their cousins to have a fun time.  Both proclaimed that the rides were "awesome".

Here are the three boys.  Mr 8 yo is on the left and was much more excited about this than I expected him to be.  His cousin is in the middle and let's just say that he was a bit cautious.  Mr 13 yo wanted to go a lot faster than the other two did, but he played Mr. Nice Guy and didn't fuss about the speed.

Here are the three youngest girls.  Ms 10 yo is in the middle and while her cousin on the right is Ms. Daredevil and she's not, she was happy to go as fast as her cousin wanted.

Here are three of the older girls.  Ms 14 yo on the right went on, which really did surprise me, and even though she looked like this the whole time, claimed to enjoy herself, at least until the pain in her arms and back showed up the next day.  For anyone who has ever tubed, I bet you just winced because you know what I'm talking about!

It was quite an adventure taking these pictures because as we would hit the waves, the boat would go one way and the tube would go the other.  Keeping things in focus was quite the challenge, too.  See what I mean?

The weekend was a nice change of scenery and a great time to hang out with cousins we don't get to spend a lot of time with.

Back to the routine, we hit the ground running this morning with our first IEW class.  The two young ladies who are teaching it did a great job and everyone seemed to do okay.  I am so grateful to have something at my house...an event I actually don't have to drive to.  Praise the Lord!  It's also a good excuse to clean up the Legos!

Hope your Labor Day was pleasant, too :)  

God Bless!