Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theme Thursday - Text

This was an easy one because, having just started school, these little buggers are everywhere.  Each child has multiple texts.  Some are liked and some, not so liked.  Here is Ms 17 yo with two of her current texts.  Fortunately she likes both of them, well, at least the classes that go with them.  

If you look closely, you might notice the rosary on top of the Psychology text.  That, my dear friends, is to counter so much of the garbage that is in there :)

Check out Clan Donaldson and see what other type of texts are there.

God Bless!


  1. Exorcising the book? Not a bad idea, perhaps :)

  2. Great photo, I love her hair dripping down. And yes, rosary so needed. Must be so hard to drudge through psychology with a seventeen year old!

    1. This is her first semester at the Junior College. So far she seems to have gotten lucky with the teachers, as in none of them seem too out there. She really likes the Psych Prof. so that's good.

  3. I can relate to the texts being all over the place. We just started homeschooling our oldest daughter and I'm finding her books all over the house.

  4. Books, books everywhere! I think I looked like that most of my young life: face in book. :) beautiful daughter, beautiful photo.