Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Blessed Ash Wednesday To You

I pray that your Lent may be fruitful for you.  We had our paczki's last night (can I just tell you that Ms 18 yo and I ordered a fudge ones and when we got them home and got all set to eat them, we realized they gave us PRUNE ones!  The horror of it all!!) and then the kids remembered that they still had to color their ALL*L*I* pictures (it's Lent now, so I can't type the whole word out) and hide them.  Then I remembered I hadn't printed out our favorite Lenten calendar from over at Catholic Icing so I did that.  I think that now we are all ready to begin.   Well, except for the fact that I'm still missing two meals for our meal plan.  Oh well, it will come in time.

Have a blessed day and I'll be around here this Lent for those of you who haven't sworn off the internet for 40 days.

God Bless!