Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Here we are on the eve of Lent.  Even though it is coming later this year, I still can't believe it is already here.  We've been plotting and planning these past few days about what our Lent will look like.  Thankfully the retreat helped me to clarify some things, so planning won't be as difficult as I thought.

We usually do a meal thing where we eat the same meals for all of Lent.  We're still working on the details, but so far we have quiche on Monday, baked chicken on Tuesday and soup/salad/bread on Wednesday.  We're still looking for a good  meal for Fridays; Pintrest should come in handy for that.  It is very difficult to plan good, wholesome, meals that don't cost a fortune, that you want to eat 6 times in a row.  I guess some people do this all the time, but we tend to like variety in our food, so this is definitely penance for us.

Before Lent begins, however, we will be fulfilling our Fat Tuesday requirement of eating our paczkis!  Mine this year is fudge filled!  There is a touch of sadness in our paczki eating this year, however, because dh's dad is the one who would get them for us and this year dh had to pick them up without him.  Here's to you Dad D., hope you're enjoying heavenly paczkis this year!

May each and everyone of you have a good start to your Lent this year.

God Bless!