Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Little Silence

Since this is day 6 of 7 of participating in the 7 in 7 posts, and I'm going to be immersed in silence as you read this, I'm writing this ahead of time.

Yes, as we speak (or should I say, as you read) I am in the midst of whatever it is God is going to be showing me during my yearly silent retreat.  I am blessed to be able to attend this yearly women's retreat done by the incredible priests of Miles Christi and held at the breathtaking Marytown Shrine.  I do believe that this is my 7th year, and each year has been quite a blessing.

So as you read this very brief post, I just ask that you say a prayer for those of us who are on this retreat.  Some will be for the very first time, others will be faces I see on a yearly basis.  Please pray that we can all be open to what God wants to reveal to us and that we can have the grace to implement His will into our daily lives!