Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Little Bit of Soccer

We've been spending our Saturdays at soccer the past few weeks.  This year we have three of the kids playing for the first time.  Mr 14 yo was the only one who played last year but this year he decided to try his hand at flag football.

First up we have Mr 9 yo.  He is much more coordinated than I thought he would be.   That's him with the orange hood on.  He's the only one bundled up but it was cold out that morning!  I don't know what these other kids were thinking!

 I know I said he's coordinated, so this shot doesn't do him justice, but it was a great shot!

And here he is doing what he does best...telling other people what to do :)  See that finger pointing?

Then we have Ms 11 yo in the orange cap way out there on the field.  My kids must have a thing for orange.  At least these girls are more bundled up than those boys were! 

This is Ms 15 yo.  She doesn't have an orange cap on, but if you look closely, you'll see her face is bright red.  With the girls there's not enough for four teams so they just mix up all the girls every week and play two teams.  Sometimes these two are on the same team (like this week) and sometimes they aren't.  When they aren't on the same team we just get to cheer the whole time because that means that one of their teams did something good.

Ms 11 yo is the adventurous one.  The other two hate the goalie position.  In fact, I watched Mr 9 yo talk his way out of having to play it at practice the other night.  He just kept telling the coach how horrible he was at it, and 2 minutes later he was back on the field.  The coach just probably didn't want to listen to him anymore.

Not Ms 11 yo.  She likes to play goalie, even though she's new to it and not very good at it given her height (or lack of it).  She does put forth a good effort and the girls on her defense are always there to help her out whenever they can.

This time, though, the ball just got away from her.

All three kids play at the same time so we just sit in between the two fields and turn our heads every couple of minutes, hoping that we don't miss a big play by one of them.

As with all sports our kids play, I enjoy going and cheering them on, but I'm glad they only last 8 weeks; sometimes it just gets a little intense for me and I'm glad it's a Christian league because then I have to keep my boisterous cheering under control or I'll get kicked out :)

Next up, flag football pictures.

 God Bless!