Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thank You, God, for this Weekend :)

And what a weekend it's been!  The humidity broke and the rain stopped and we've had absolutely gorgeous weather the past two days.  We've also been very busy...

On Friday, after soccer practice got cancelled because of the lightening and storms, we went and celebrated the birthday of one of our nephews.  Good food and family always makes for a nice time.

On Saturday we had more good food and family time, but this time there was a wedding thrown in.  One of my cousins got married and we got to celebrate in style.  The priest who conducted the wedding ceremony gave an incredibly awesome homily.  The main point of the first part of it was that we always need to remember to go back and thank God for all that He does for us; thus the title for this post.

The reception was at the Stadium Club at the home of the Chicago White Sox.  I'm not a baseball fan at all, but it was a fun place to have a wedding reception.  Beforehand, the bridal party got to go down by the field and take pictures.  I did not have my big, bulky camera, so I had to use my husband's phone, which meant I didn't get that many good pictures, but if you look closely, you can see someone in white down by the field.

The DJ was good, but it wasn't a big dancing crowd, so me and the hubby were one of the only few out there. 

Sunday was my birthday.  Since we are unfortunately church hopping right now, I got to pick where we went and my choice was the Byzantine church that's about 40 minutes away.  Sigh.  I wish it was closer.  At the end, Ms 22 yo and I looked at each other and said, "I love this Liturgy".  AND...we actually heard a relevant homily.  I mean, Father talked about the persecuted Christians and even prayed a prayer specifically for them at the end of the Liturgy!  So refreshing.

I love the prayers that are sung at this Liturgy.  I love how we call upon God's mercy so often.  I love that prayer before receiving Holy Communion.  I love the chant-like singing but I love it most of all because WE get to participate in it.  We don't have to be silent.  The booming voices in this small, but beautiful church move the soul.

After that we came home and chilled out for awhile until we sat down to the most incredible tasting rib-eyes that my husband grilled.  

We haven't had steak this good in years (and really, we only have them about once a year, so this will carry me along for quite a while!).   While he grilled, Ms 18 yo decorated a banana cake that was made by Ms 20 yo and frosted by Ms 15 yo - truly a family affair.

 The only sad part to my day was that Ms 22 yo had to go to work and missed the dinner, cake and this picture.

So, thank you God for the many blessing that you have given me, not only this weekend, but throughout my entire life.  May You continue to shower us all with Your grace and bless us and the whole world each and every day.

God Bless!