Monday, September 15, 2014

St. Nicholas and St. Roch Were On a Roll Today!

One of the nice things that happens during your birthday month is that you get a lot of coupons from stores you shop at as an added incentive to go spend more money at their store.  Works for me!  

Last week I cashed in my coupons at Kohl's and got my Ninja!

This afternoon, Ms 18 yo and I dropped Mr 14 yo off at his science class and ran up to the mall to use a 20% off and a $10-off-cuz-it's-your-birthday coupon from JC Penney.  I wasn't sure what to get, but then I remembered I have a bridal shower to go to this weekend so I found a cute top that was on sale.  With the sale price, the 20% off and the $10 off, I paid $2.19 for a $22 top! 

The patron Saint of shoppers was with me today!  

(BTW, according to my quick Google search, it came up as St. Nicholas).

Anyhow, as we were browsing through the store, we came upon what I thought would be a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride dress.  Wow.  It was so tempting.  I was calculating up what it might cost with all my discounts and such when I remembered....I might be a mother, but currently there is not a I reluctantly walked on by.

By then it was time to go pick up Mr 14 yo from class and bring him over to Goodwill for some shopping of his own.  No JCP for him!  I refuse to buy him full price clothing when he's entering the "size of the month club".  So we browsed the racks and he picked out a handful of things to try on.

"Do you want me to stay here and look at anything you try on?" I asked.

"I don't know," was his reply.

"Should I stay here or can I go browse the skirt section?"

"I don't know."

This is my first round of shopping with a teenage boy who is acting like a teenage boy.  SO different than with the girls!  It is quick and it is silent.  No angst.  No texting me photos asking me which color to get.  No quandary over which color or style looks better.  Nope. None of that.  He walks out of the dressing room, sets the shirts (all of them) in the cart and says, "Okay they all fit."  Wow.  That was easy.

We needed to grab some extra spoons and some extra drinking glasses because ours keep getting whisked away by the dish fairies.  We picked out five spoons and six glasses.  Ms 18 yo got a belt.

We went to check out with our six shirts, six glasses, five spoons and a belt.  I had a 25% off-cuz-it's-your-birthday coupon and then I got to get a scratch card that had another 20% off, so we paid a total of $19 and some change for all of that.  

Thank you patron Saint of shoppers once again!

(A funny aside, here.  When I was searching Patron St. of shoppers, I also came across St. Roch as the patron of second-hand dealers (Goodwill).  St. Roch is also Mr 14 yo's Confirmation name!)

I was on such a high after that!  I mean really, how often do you get a good deal like that?  Once a year, I would guess; during your birthday month.

For now, I guess I will just have to ride high on the success of this trip and wait until next year when the coupons come rolling in again.

God Bless!