Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Treasure and Tradition: My Chance at Book Photography

Our local homeschooling conference was back at the end of July.  I went on Friday evening and was wondering about the vendors when I stopped at a table to look at some books (I know, how novel, right??  Ha ha, no pun was intended!).  Anyhow, as I was standing there, the lady that was running the table came over to apologize for being gone when I arrived.  At that moment she saw my name tag and asked if I was the photographer she had emailed 4 years ago about taking pictures for her book on the Latin Mass.  

Funny thing was, I had just had a random thought about that whole thing the week before.

I was looking at a mock-up of the book and it was at that point that I realized why it had taken four years to get it put together. 

It is incredible!!! It is at the same time a book full of information about the Tridentine Mass, as well as a book you can use to follow along with during the Mass.  There's even a chart in the front so that if you loose your place in the book during Mass, you match up what the priest's posture looks like with the drawing in the chart and then it tells you what part of the Mass you are at and what page to turn to!  

How cool is that?  

I'll tell you: It is VERY cool for someone who doesn't completely know her way around the Tridentine Mass.

So, after all this time, and after almost getting bumped by a photographer who had his own set of external lights, I had the opportunity to take photos for her book.

The book is called "Treasure and Tradition:  The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass" written by Lisa Bergman and produced by her own company St. Augustine Academy Press.  

I saw Lisa this past weekend and she said the book has been sent to the printer and should be out in time for Christmas.  As soon as I know where you can purchase it I will let you know.

This is a beautiful book and will be a great help for those of us looking to learn more about the Latin Mass as well as a joy to look at for those who already know the Latin Mass.

God Bless!