Monday, April 20, 2015

A Work of Mercy

On the off chance that you haven't heard the story of Niki Rogan and her eight children, I'm sharing it here so that you can join everyone in praying for them, and offering them financial assistance if that is at all possible.

Early last Friday morning, Niki, her husband Mike and their 7 children (at that time) were driving to the hospital as Niki was in labor with their 8th child.  On the way, they were involved in a car accident with a deer.  Mike died as a result of that accident and Niki went on to deliver their little boy later that day.  The other children sustained only minor injuries from the accident.

Coming on the heels of the prior weekend's deaths, I went into a major spin with this one.  I, along with everyone else, I'm sure, cannot fathom this whole scenario.  Why, God, why?  

In an effort to help the family, a friend of theirs started a GoFundMe for them.  They have raised an incredible sum of money in a very short time.  If you can, please, please pray for this family and then go here to help them out financially.  
I keep hearing more and more stories of moms, dads, kids young and old, dieing very suddenly and it is incredibly unnerving.  This takes a HUGE amount of trust in God because it just doesn't all make sense.

Jesus I Trust In You!

God Bless!