Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

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Given the technology we have, anyone can take a nice picture if they have a decent camera, or even a good camera on their phone.  If you are a photographer, it then becomes even more of a challenge to not just take a nice picture but to take a great picture.  I think that there is something else that makes a picture great and that is the editing.  A person can take a great picture and, if they have a good eye and some creativity, can make it even greater.  That being said, the other day Ms 16 yo was in the mood for photographs, so she asked her older sister to do the honors.  They took some pretty pictures along the way, but I especially enjoyed how she edited some of them. 

 Good job, girls :)


Happy?  This makes me happy.

This is all of the extra clothing and household items that have been sitting in our basement waiting for this day...the day when we can take them to the semi-annual Free 4 All that friends of mine run at our church.  We actually began this a long time ago for just our homeschooling group.  Now, they hold it in a big facility and open it up to the public.  It makes me happy to see all of the stuff we can get rid of that can still be put to good use by others.  Although really, where does all this stuff come from???? 


See these shoes?  Aren't they cute? 

This past Sunday I was getting ready for church and I needed some black shoes.  I searched for the ones I usually borrow from Ms 23 yo but, doggoneit, she took them with her to the conference she was at.  I searched through the closet and found these gems.  I'd never seen them before, so I texted her this picture to ask where they came from and if I could borrow them.  She got them from my mil I believe and said yes I could wear them.  Super exciting!

I wore them to church and they still looked cute.  Later that day we went to a choir concert and I was taking pictures.  I had to climb up to the choir loft and then back down multiple times throughout the two hour concert.  It was at the cathedral.  The cathedral is big so that meant a lot of steps and a lot of walking.  Guess which shoes weren't so cute anymore?  Ugh. By the time we left I was limping and could barely put my feet in them because of the blisters forming by my toes.  So much for those cute shoes.  But hey, the concert was nice and I'm happy with my pictures!


This, my friends, is real...real love.  My dh brought this piece of Portillo's chocolate cake home for me for no reason at all :).  If you have never had a piece of Portillo's chocolate cake, I'm sorry.

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God Bless!