Thursday, April 9, 2015

Roll With It Thursday

Welcome to "Roll With It Thursday" where we just roll with whatever the day brings our way.

I was supposed to have my carpets cleaned, and I did, or at least a small corner of one room before they had an equipment problem.  They'll be back tomorrow to finish, or I guess really start, the job.

I was kind of cornered in my kitchen because of all of the main rooms being in disarray so I did what everyone who is stuck in their kitchen does...clean out the cabinets and drawers.  I didn't really throw away a lot or put much stuff in the give-away pile, but I did succeed in getting rid of all evidence of our winter, furry friends (those of you who live a in rural setting will understand).

We went to noon Mass since the carpet guys had left early enough.  That was a nice surprise as I didn't think we'd make it based on how slow things were going.

All day long we've been under the threat of severe weather.  The first of one of the season. There's something that I find soothing about thunderstorms so I was kind of hoping for at least a little bit of banging and booming and flashing.  At the same time, though, I have a daughter who doesn't like bad weather, let alone driving in it, so as her mother, it does add some stress to me, too, when I know she will be out during a storm.  So on a disappointing and yet not disappointing note, the severe weather seems to have totally least from our area (not sure about farther north).  Yet again they get everyone all hyped up only to be let down.  

On another unexpected note, Ms 19 yo just got home from school and took everyone to the library so here I sit, in my clean kitchen next to my partially cleaned carpeting with my patio door open to the warm, sunny day, breathing a sigh of contentment.  Except that I just saw what time it is and realized that I need to get up and get dinner started.  Oh well, it was pleasant while it lasted.  Hope you've been able to roll with whatever kind of day your Thursday has been.

God Bless!