Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I'm joining in over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for their Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real blog link-up for the first time!!  I've discovered that this is harder than it looks, but here goes:


This is from one of the two churches we attend every week for daily Mass.  I love how they use that hanging wreath for the different liturgical seasons.  During Lent they added thorns and during Advent they add candles.  (I'm still getting used to using my camera on my phone, so while I find it convenient, it is definitely not up to my usual photographic standards.)


Happy is the anticipation of my husband, daughter and I going to see this guy
web image, I didn't get lucky enough to take this myself!

tonight in concert!  We had gone down to Nashville in March to see him at the Opry but he called in sick.  It was a rough trip and we were devastated when he didn't show up as he is one of my husband's favorite singers.  I'm thinking that this concert will be even better than the 15 minutes he would have spent on stage last month.


As I age, my mind seems to be rebelling against me. I'm finding it harder and harder to remember everything I need to remember.  Like most parents of multiple children, I have always mixed up their names when talking to them.  However, lately, I've begun to call them names that don't even exist in our family.

Last night while praying the rosary, we needed someone to lead the next decade.  I looked to my son (pictured here out of context) and said, "Joe, why don't you go next".  Everyone looked at me and asked, "JOE?  Who's Joe?"  I don't know, it's just what came out.  It isn't even close to his name...oh well.  


I shared this photo on my Instagram account (aplanforjoy if you're interested in joining in the fun) because it is so real.  "You can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink" is how the saying goes.

In our house it is "You can give them bins for their shoes, but you can't make them put their shoes in them".  Look how close they are.  They can almost crawl in by themselves!    

Thanks for joining me on my maiden voyage.  To see what others have to say, you can go here.

God Bless!