Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes April 20 2012

--- 1 ---

A new shipment of Life of Fred books came in today.  Here's everyone reading the newest elementary books!  Cracks me how they dive for these Fred books and read them for FUN!
--- 2 ---

I saw this statement on a blog yesterday and thought how true it is:

"Brothers and sisters, the world is not getting darker because Satan is growing in power. It is getting darker because Christians are shining less and less!"
Brothers and sisters...shine that light! The world needs it.
--- 3 ---

I'm sitting here going between thinking up Quick Takes and thinking up dinners for next week.  Sometimes this Thursday night thinking can be very difficult!

--- 4 ---

Our internet has been incredibly slow and tedious to work with for the past few months.  The past few weeks it has been getting worse because of how long it takes to do even the simplest task.  We called our internet provider and their first recommendation was to upgrade our 7 year old receiver since, "technology has improved a lot in the last 7 years, ya know".  They come on Tuesday to bring us "up to speed".  And there was much rejoicing :)

--- 5 ---

Our homeschool group is hosting the annual project fair next week.  It really is a good thing.  When my older kids were younger, we did it every year.  Now that the older ones are older and we're just a lot busier, I can't ever seem to get up the enthusiasm to keep doing it.  I know, it just isn't fair to the younger ones.  I should be making them do public speaking just like I made the older ones!  I should be requiring history boards and science projects and sewn items.  Truth is, I'm just too tired from the usual chaos to add more chaos into the week.  Am I alone here?

--- 6 ---

Of course, some of you will be wondering why it would add chaos.  This is probably because you will have been working on projects throughout the year.  Here, however, we usually spend the entire week before getting our act together, which makes for a lot of work and stress :)  I might be organized, but creative projects just aren't my strong point!

--- 7 ---

Last weekend we finally got to watching the movie, "The Help".  Right before I picked up the movie, I ran into the library and got the book.  Right before we watched the movie, I had already read 2 or 3 chapters of the book.  As I was watching, I was already comparing the book to the movie and finding the movie coming up short.  I finished the book today, and while I did like the movie, of course the book is just far better!  Not a surprise!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That picture makes me laugh! :) Thanks for the Friday smile.

  2. Adding Chaos is NEVER good for mom.
    Public speaking is good to do, but eh, not everyone is cut out for it anyway, right?
    Oue co-op does an Expo day as our last meting...this year we skip the week before because of Ascension Thursday...yay for two weeks prep! moderation word is: hdatushi Had-a-tushi?