Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Thirteenth Station

Jesus is Laid in the Arms of His Blessed Mother

Mary stands by the cross, engulfed in grief.  And John is beside her.  But it is getting late and the Jews press for our Lord to be removed from there.


Having obtained from Pilate the permission required by Roman law for the burial of condemned prisoners, there comes to Calvary a councillor named Joseph, a good and upright man, a native of Arimathea.  He has not consented to their counsel and their doings, but is himself one of those waiting for the kingdom of God (Lk 23:50-51).  With him, too, comes Nicodemus the same man who earlier visited Jesus by night; he brings with him a hundred pounds in weight (Jn 19:39).

These men are not known publicly as disciples of the Master.  They were not present at the great miracles, nor did they accompany him on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  But now, when things have turned bad, when the others have fled, they are not afraid to stand up for their Lord.

Between the two of them they take down the body of Jesus and place it in the arms of his most holy mother.  Mary's grief is renewed.

Where has thy Beloved gone, o fairest of women?  Where has he whom thou lovest gone, and we will seek him with thee? (Cant 5:17).

The Blessed Virgin is our mother, and we do not wish to - we cannot - leaver her alone.