Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Problem Solver

As a wife and mother, I find myself trying to solve all the problems that come across my desk everyday:

- My tooth hurts
- I need new shoes
- My eyes are itching
- What is there to eat?
- I'm upset
- I need a job
- We need to move
- She hit me again

I know I don't have to describe it...every day every mother out there here's something of the same litany.  I try my best to listen to each complaint or statement and do what I can to solve the problem or lessen the pain.

Problem is...sometimes I can't change anything.  Sometimes it is because of my circumstances - no money, no talent, etc. - and sometimes it is because there is no way that anyone could solve the problem.

Other times I can help them, but they choose not to listen or to change anything. Either way, I obsess and worry about all of these problems; whether they are big or small. 

Well, I reminded myself last night that I just can't solve everything.  I can't force people to do things they don't want to do.  I can't get myself in a worried mess over things I can't change.  This is a supreme lesson in abandoning myself to Divine Providence.  I have to give all my worries over to God and know that He knows how bad or troublesome a given situation is and I must trust that He will take care of it in the right way and in the right time.

This is all very hard to do, especially when the problem is pretty big.  It really stretches my faith and my ability to not get upset when I think He is taking too long.  It really comes down to living in the present moment and putting all of my faith in the Lord, who always has my best interest at heart.  I just had to write this down, because a lot of times writing things down cements them in my brain, and right now I need cementing!