Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Family That Exercises Together...

Stays together.  Unless...

...you're five females who don't really want to exercise but are upset that the Easter Octave erased some of the progress they've made so are feeling forced to exercise together in a cramped space without much air circulation...then it gets ugly...arguing, grumbling, etc.

Really, though, it has been good to develop a workout habit with all of us. The peer pressure usually gets everyone down there whether they want to go or not.  We've been doing this all through Lent and have decided to keep going.  You see, we have a family wedding in July and we want to look good and be in shape for all that dancing!

Beyond the physical exercise, the group effort has also been an exercise in virtue.  You might want to sock the girl next to you when she gets in your way, but you don't (or at least that's the goal :).  You might want to call the guy on the TV a name, but you exercise self-control.  Maybe you only call him a name every 5th time!  So I guess we are not only trying to get our bodies into shape by exercising, we're also working on our souls by exercising together!

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  1. lolz! I hear you, sister! might i suggest....i've heard that xbox connect is a fun, less proximate occasion to sin, way to exercise :-P