Monday, April 2, 2012

Husband, Family and Personal Time

As soon as I saw this picture I knew it perfectly portrayed what I am trying to get at in this chapter.  A number of years ago I read some books that transformed how I thought about my husband and our relationship.  I realize now how important it is to set aside time for that "all-important" man in my life; how he needs me to minister to him just as much as my children do.  That is why I included a section in my book about making time in your day for your husband.  

In addition, it is also important that you spend some time each day connecting as a family.  Maybe that is just at dinner time, or maybe you pray the rosary together in the evening; you might even all go to the same sporting event.  What is important is that you make sure your entire family spends some time together - every day if at all possible!

Then there's YOU!  Do you have any time for yourself?  When do you get your chores done that need to be done each day.  When, other than your shower, do you get to spend some quiet moments recollecting?  You really need to spend some time each day, or at least a few days each week, getting things done that you need to do and doing something to refresh your spirit and relax your mind and body.

All three of these areas are so important in your daily life.  After working through the book this far, you will hopefully have found some time in your day to devote to each one of these areas.  If not, take a good, long look at your life and see if there aren't things that need to be gotten rid of so that you can make time in your day!