Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes March 8 2013

--- 1 ---

We all thoroughly enjoyed the snowstorm that actually occurred here this past week.  I think we ended up with about 8 inches or so; the most we've had this year for sure, and maybe even last year, in one snowfall.  It would have been a beautiful site around Christmas time, but hey, we'll take some winter beauty even if it is the first week in March.  In reality, it will all be gone by the end of the weekend anyway, so we enjoyed it while it was here.
--- 2 ---

 Here's the first snow person some of my kids have ever made because, you know, the snow just ain't what it used to be when we were little.  I'm calling it a snow "person" because there was some debate about whether it was a boy or girl.  Mr 12 yo said it was a boy because every thing else the girls do is a girl.  The girls said it was a girl because it had a pink Barbie hat on.  We decided on "gender neutral" to be politically correct.  (Who am I kidding, we're never pc.  I just wanted to avoid WWIII from breaking out in my backyard!)

--- 3 ---

Ah, the joys of sledding, even if it is only down the berm in your front yard on sleds that have lost their "slide".  
-- 4 --

One last snow picture just because I thought this scene was so peaceful looking.  You know, this house might not be perfect, but it sure has some beautiful scenery. 

--- 5 ---

We had the incredible opportunity to venerate a first class relic of St. Mary Magdalene this week.  The Deacon (soon to be a priest) that traveled with the relic from France is from Ireland and it was a joy to listen to him talk (of course, I will admit to having flashbacks to Downton Abbey at times :). I forgot my camera but we'll have a second chance to venerate this relic next week and I fully intend on remembering it then.  What we learned about St. Mary M. was fascinating so check back next week and I'll share some of it with you.
--- 6 ---

Well we finally got some important dates nailed down for our upcoming festivities and I feel so much better now.  In May we'll be celebrating our last First Holy Communion and mine and dh's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  In June we'll be celebrating two graduations and a Confirmation.  It's Mr 12 yo's Confirmation and rumor has it that he is still leaning toward St. Roch for his name.  
--- 7 ---

Kind of a quiet weekend least as far as activities go.  It will be far from quiet as far as volume goes when Mr 7 yo wakes up on Saturday and realizes that his good buddy (in the form of Ms 20 yo's boyfriend) has arrived for the week!  Hope your weekend is safe and peaceful!  

God Bless!
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