Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God Bless Pope Francis!

I have to say that in our household we were quite excited to see that our new pope has an Ignatian background!  Okay, so Jesuits may have a bad name in general, but from what I understand, he's not been a part of that! 

I also learned that our new pope has only one lung!  An interesting fact, is it not?  

Here's a link to a very good article that gives some basic information about our newest Holy Father.  I so enjoyed the ending of the article when the author said:

Well, look at it this way: the Almighty managed to guide the conclave to elect a South American bishop who’s not into liberation theology, a Jesuit who’s orthodox, and an Italian (on his father’s side) who speaks Spanish, all in the same man.  If that’s not a big papal gift from God, I’m not sure what is.
I find it so discouraging that some people were immediately trashing the new Pope only minutes after his election.  Let us remember that the Holy Spirit DID guide the cardinals in this decision and we must trust in the Lord in all things. How wonderful that we have been blessed with a holy and humble man who was heading off the balcony to go pray to the Blessed Mother.  What a happy day!

God Bless!