Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Thoughts to Chew On

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to an Evening of Recollection on Friday and a women's retreat on Saturday.  Both were full of good things to chew on so I thought I'd share some notes I took in the hopes that one, or more, of them will resonate with you.  

*  Suffering is good because it makes amends for our past sins and helps keep us from future sins.
* Pain is the path of sanctification.  Pain purifies.  We cannot make progress in our spiritual life without pain.
* We must accept our crosses joyfully.
* Suffering is an act of obedience and love to the Father.
* We either accept our sufferings or we reject them; there is no other choice.
* We must overcome our disappointments and see that this is our path to Heaven.
* We should never compare our crosses to someone else's cross.  Our cross has our name on it and we must embrace it.
* Remember that Christ suffered before us.  He chose suffering.  He chose it because He loves us.
* Jesus' flesh and blood came from Mary, but it was nourished through the work of St. Joseph.
* We need to create silence within ourselves in order to find Jesus Christ.
* Jesus shows us that it is possible to say no to sin and to the devil.
* The Holy Spirit is our spiritual GPS.  If we head off in the wrong direction, He will keep saying "redirecting, redirecting" until we finally listen and get back on the right path.

Well, I think that's enough to chew on and digest for now.  Happy meditating!

God Bless!


  1. These are awesome to reflect on Laura...it must have been a great retreat. Have a blessed Holy Week!

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