Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Rapunzel Let Down"

I had the most awesome opportunity a few months ago to work with Regina Doman on her newest Fairy Tale Novel "Rapunzel Let Down".  Well, let me clarify that.  I got to read an advanced copy of the book and then I got to take pictures of the cover model they used.  Being "in print" is a photographer's dream!!  I know, it is a small part of the whole project, but still...

 So now what you have to do is go and pre-order a copy and read it!  The story is different than the past Fairy Tale Novels in that it is meant for an older audience - probably 18 and older is best.  The story definitely deals with much more mature themes than the other books, but it is true to form in that it is very much a page-turner!!  I read the entire book in 24 hours!  I'll have to go back and read it again at a slower pace this time.

If you've never read one of Regina's books, I'd highly recommend them!  If you have teenagers and are looking for good books with a Catholic flavor to them, check out the rest of the Fairy Tale Novels, and then order this one for yourself :)

God Bless!


  1. I am a huge fan of Regina I'm 18 and home schooled. Im really looking forward to this book!