Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Reason to Feast

The other day was my son's Baptismal feast day. We celebrate Baptismal feast days like we celebrate everything else....with food and dessert.  My husband made the comment at dinner last night that we seemed to be having a lot more desserts lately, to which I replied that there have just been so many things to celebrate.  "Like what?" came his next question.  

Well, let's see: Our son becoming a child of God, my birthday, and FALL of course.  There are just so many good things you can do with apples and pumpkin that how can you help yourself?  

Anyhow, for his dinner he picked baked chicken, corn pudding and vegies. Okay, well I picked the corn pudding and then found out after that he really doesn't like it, and I also added the vegies.

For dessert I asked that he pick something with apples and his choice was apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

A debate ensued during the serving of the dessert as to whether the ice cream went on top of the cobbler or the cobbler on top of the ice cream.  Let's just say I served it wrong and was told the correct way to do it before I took the picture!

I wish there were other ways to celebrate important events other than food, but alas, I have found none that fit our family, so food it is! 

I'm thinking that I can drag this Fall celebrating on for awhile, seeing as how it has just started.  Today Ms 21 yo made pumpkin, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies that were out of this world!  Next up, Apple Almond Squares!  Better go exercise more!

 God Bless!

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  1. Well, sharing a meal does have a special place in the Catholic faith :-) I'd say that apple cobbler with vanilla by any other way of serving would taste just as delicious. Yup, let's get on that exercise routine!