Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly

What a week it has been around here; full of ups and downs; well, a bunch of downs but one big up to make up for it!  We started our week off with another round of snow.  We had nothing but 5 females and 3 shovels to clear it up and ended the day with one car buried in it.  Here is what various parts of our driveway looked like. 
This car isn't stuck. I chose to park it before I got it stuck!

Stuck car

Now fast forward to the end of the week:  a skid loader to clear the driveway (finally) and a day of rain and thunder to clear it even more.  

same spot where car was stuck!

Look closely to see the "river"

Unbelievable what a difference a day can make.  We haven't seen the blacktop on our driveway for months.  Unfortunately this warm up has caused quite a bit of flooding.  Extremes - who needs em?  Why can't there be moderation??
Oh, another up for the week:  Ms 18 yo got her driver's license!  I am quite excited about this because I think it might just be my ticket to less shuttle bus driving.  I've been really struggling lately with the amount of time I spend driving (and no, it can't all be done away with).  By the time I get home and take care of what needs to be taken care of, there's not much time left to do things that I'd like to do; like blogging!

Another plus this week is that, in preparation for all of this water that is flowing, and given how our house is prone to flooding, we picked up all the garbage in the basement.  Now I have the motivation I need to go down there and shovel out all of the non-essentials and put it back neatly.  Guess I just have to find the time :)

Can I say that I'm looking forward to this being the end of basketball season this weekend?  Ms 10 yo's team lost by two points again last week in the last 5 seconds of the game, leaving them only tomorrow to post their first win for the season.  Mr 13 yo won last Friday, so at least this year they can brag on two wins!  I guess the frustrating thing is that people just don't play by the rules.  Our coach does, but it is so maddening to play against a team whose coach doesn't.  Maybe I'm not cut out to be a sports mom, after all.

I think part of my problem is that I can be so darned competitive.  This past Wednesday we got to go to basketball practice with the kids and play parents against the kids.  There were two other moms and two dads who played along with me on the team.  I thought it was good that the dad's were so laid back about it because myself and one of the other moms were out for blood.  Those 8, 9 and 10 year olds didn't know what hit them.  Well, truth be told, we were all huffing and puffing by the time the game was nearing the end.  Thanks to the dads, the girls won and I hope it gave them some confidence for their big game this morning.

Going out to dinner this weekend with my hubby and I can't wait!  We're also having a family pot luck for a club our girls are in.  Lots to do, as usual.  I'm also contemplating participating in the "7 Posts in 7 Days" with Jen, so hope to see you back here next week!  Have a great weekend!

God Bless! 
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