Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The "Not My Plan" Kind of Day

This was my plan for today:

* Ms 21 yo off to work
* Ms 19 yo and Ms 18 yo off to school
* Myself and other four children off to Mass and then back home to do awesome amounts of quality schoolwork

This was NOT my plan for today:

* Wake up to about 5 more inches of snow
* Ms 21 yo off to work - but takes her 3 hours to get there
* Truck that has the snow plow - not functioning this winter
* Borrowed snow blower - broke on Sunday
* Can't get small car out of driveway so I hop in the van and plow through the drifts so I can get girls to school
* Realize while driving eastbound on our two-lane, semi-rural, wide open to blowing and drifting snow, US Hwy, that there is no longer a westbound lane due to said blowing and drifting snow, and begin to panic about wonder how I am going to get back home.  
* Get the girls to school on time (amazingly)
* Go back towards home, stop at bank and then call hubby asking for advice about the lack of a  west bound lane.  His suggestion: go back to the highway and take that as it will reduce the amount of miles I will need to travel on the lane-less road.
* By the time I make it back to the US Hwy with no lane, the plows have come and there is at least the makings of a lane so I get back home safely.
*Only to get the van stuck in a drift in the driveway
* Drag remaining kids out of the house, place shovels in our hands and begin to dig.  
* An hour later, I'm able to get the car unstuck and park it for 10 minutes until we can defrost and get back in it again to go pick up the girls.
* As long as we have to go back out, we drive to Noon Mass since we missed Mass this morning.  This is what saved my day!!!!
* Go to Mass, visit with Jesus, pick up my girls, get some lunch cuz we're out of everything lunch-like at home, go to the grocery store and get home for good at 2:30.

School - not done yet
Laundry - not done yet
One tired and sore mamma - done
Hubby coming home with another borrowed snow blower - done

Here's hoping the next few days will be a peaceful reprieve until the next storm rolls in on Saturday :)

God Bless!