Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Lego Movie Review

It isn't often I do a movie review, but I couldn't pass this one up it was so good.  My kids are LEGO fanatics, so when they noticed sometime last year that LEGO was going to make a movie, we were psyched!  Once we found out the date, we booked it on the calendar.  That date was this past Sunday.

I have to agree with my husband that this is the first movie we've all enjoyed in quite awhile.  It was good on so many levels.  Without spoiling the plot twist, I have to say that this was an ingenious move by the LEGO marketing people and I wouldn't be surprised if sales of LEGO went through the roof after this movie.

The story centers around Emmet, your average, run-of-the-mill, rule-following, all-around good guy.  He inadvertently gets himself involved in saving the world from the evil Lord Business, who has plans to attack all of the LEGO realms with "The Kragle".  The cast of characters who join with Emmet are diverse and funny, but my favorite has to be Batman.  His sarcastic personality is right up my alley. 

(As a side note, make sure you stay for the credits to listen to Batman sing a song that he wrote.  If you laughed at him during the movie, you will find this very funny!)
I tend to be a rule-follower and if I played with LEGOs, I would be like Emmet;  I would follow the instructions and build the kit the way that they told me too.  What this movie does, besides entertain, is get people to see that they don't always have to do that; that it is okay to throw that instruction book out and be creative.  The "Master Builders" are the ones who can take a pile of LEGOs and build amazing things with them.  On the flip side, saving the world depends on following the instructions, so this movie does a great job at showing people that there's room in the world (at least in the LEGO world) for both kinds of play - following the instructions and being creative.

If you are looking for a great way to spend some hard-earned cash, this would be my recommendation!

God Bless!